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Vision for The Gambia

OneSight brings vision care to an entire country. Up next: the world

20th March 2017
Sponsored feature

Vision for The Gambia

OneSight brings vision care to an entire country. Up next: the world

By OneSight

Applying expertise worldwide
Around the world, one in seven people need glasses, but lack access to vision care. This lack of access is a barrier to human achievement and possibility.

Clear vision enables a student to receive a quality education, men and women to be gainfully employed and all people to connect through interpersonal relationships.

With over 28 years of operational expertise, OneSight is the leading global organisation focused on bringing sustainable and urgent vision care solutions to the US and communities around the world who need it most.

We believe that through permanent access and sustainable practices, vision care can become readily available to every community, country and continent in our lifetime.

Short-term Vision Care Clinics meet immediate needs, and can be a doorway to future sustainable partnerships. In addition to access, OneSight’s sustainable programmes create infrastructure and employment in the countries they serve.

There are 23 Sustainable Vision Centers in operation today (all locally run), providing over five million people with access to affordable vision care. By 2020, OneSight will provide access to more than 20 million people.

All patients receive new eyewear manufactured to their exact prescription. We have a curated assortment selected from trusted manufacturers meeting international standards, providing patients with high-quality fashionable frames. So, patients walk away with confidence – seeing their best and looking their best.

The path to sustainability
The process of opening a Sustainable Vision Center begins with countries or regions being identified through a vetting process. OneSight prioritises countries that have the greatest need (based on the Global Need for Glasses study done in partnership with Deloitte, 2015). Specifically, countries lacking internal systems and resources to solve the problem themselves are given priority for Vision Centers.

These permanent Vision Centers use existing healthcare infrastructure to provide access at an affordable price (defined by the local market) to the surrounding population (within one day of travel to the clinic). By securing in-country government partners, local programme managers and manufacturing pathways, OneSight creates a stable foundation for sustainable work.

Once identified, an existing ophthalmology department is modified and a pilot test is conducted to determine if patient traffic will support the cost of operating a permanent clinic. OneSight diligently tracks marketing efforts, traffic and costs to forecast the performance of clinics over time.

Next, OneSight leads the transition to full sustainability and a hand-off of operations to local staff. Once pilot programmes are complete, the OneSight team moves in conjunction with in-country partners to implement permanent Vision Centers throughout the country.

Systems, distribution, training and support are all considered as a long-term plan is carried out. Local marketing efforts are increased and high-quality advertisements are distributed on local channels. Training sessions are held for employees who manufacture and dispense products, lead marketing efforts, perform IT functions and oversee finance.

From there, monitoring and evaluation continue to ensure the programme is operating and being managed efficiently. The Vision Centers implement a clearly defined customer experience model and evaluate their performance using customer satisfaction surveys. OneSight provides funding should additional training or programme adjustments be required.

Finally, a transition is made to local leadership running the programme. For the following two years monitoring and secondary support continue.

Access for an entire country
OneSight opened the first Sustainable Vision Center in The Gambia. The 2013 pilot programme began with one center. Today, a manufacturing lab and seven Sustainable Vision Centers provide the entire population of 1.8 million people with access to vision care.

No longer hindered by lack of transportation or the high cost of glasses, Gambians (including local dignitaries) interact with outreach teams, vision care professionals and local people like never before. OneSight achievements in The Gambia include:

  • seven Sustainable Vision Centers;
  • 187 local jobs created;
  • one Eyewear Manufacturing Center;
  • 12 students sponsored to study optometry;
  • 1.8 million Gambians (the entire country) have access to vision care;
  • 5.4% profit for the National Eye Health Program in 2016.

Join us
Clear vision converts possibility to reality. Parents are able to provide for families. Children discover joy in learning. Communities connect to one another. Without clear vision, potential is lost. We’re committed to eradicating the vision care crisis in our lifetime.

But, we cannot do it alone. Creating a viable solution to the need for vision care is possible because of partners who cover the cost of our daily operations, infrastructure, and supplies. Your support and global reach would enable OneSight to quickly reach thousands more patients each year. And because of the generosity of partners, more donations from individuals go directly to providing vision care for those in need.

Join OneSight’s effort through in-country partnership or sponsorship and see how clear sight fuels human potential.

For more information, visit: www.onesight.org