Nursing Homes Still Locked Down, Residents Meet Loved Ones Through A Glass Safely

ESPLUGUES DEL LLOBREGAT, SPAIN – MAY 19: Concepcio Zendrera, 100 tries to touch the hands of her son, daughters and relatives during a visit through a window at La Mallola nursing home on May 19, 2020 in Esplugues del Llobregat, near Barcelona, Spain. As measures ease in Spain, nursing homes remains still locked down to protect elderly people and prevent new outbreaks. La Mallola nursing home has started a program of visits for relatives of residents using one of their big windows. Many of the hundreds of thousand of residents in Spain’s nursing homes are already at risk for loneliness, which research shows can undermine their physical and mental health due to the strict quarantine measure to fight the novel coronavirus. This program aims to improve the lockdown of elderly people living in this nursing home as they approach their third month without visits of their close relatives. Over 18,000 elderly people in nursing homes have died in Spain due to COVID-19 pandemic. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)