About UNA-UK

The United Nations Association – UK (UNA-UK) is the only UK charity devoted to building support for an effective UN, and a vibrant grassroots movement campaigning for a safer, fairer and more sustainable world.

In 1945, the creation of the UN reflected the hope for a better future. Since then, UNA-UK has enabled ordinary people to engage with that promise.

Today, the need for the UN has never been greater, as we face an unprecedented global health emergency. COVID-19 has devastated lives and livelihoods across the world, and exposed the fragility of our societies and economies.

We are seeing the first rise in global poverty in over 20 years and the first drop in human development in three decades. Longstanding inequalities – gender, racial and income – are deepening. Meanwhile, the grave risks posed by the climate crisis, by nuclear weapons and by conflict and violence have disappeared only from our headlines.

The pandemic has underscored how interconnected we are. We know that when we work together, we can make progress – from supporting decolonisation to ending apartheid, increasing life expectancy and living standards, creating laws and standards to protect us all, closing the ozone hold and eradicating deadly diseases such as smallpox.

Now, we need global cooperation like never before – across borders, sectors and generations. That is the only way to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, our roadmap for a better future for all.

Please support us
UNA-UK is ready to play its part. We serve as a bridge between governments, the UN and the public. We lobby for joined-up thinking on peace, sustainable development and human rights. We work with experts and practitioners to find new ways to tackle the challenges we face. Through education and training, we equip young people to play a role in international affairs. And by demonstrating why the UN matters, we encourage people to act on their responsibilities as global citizens.

In 2020 we ran a global consultation under our ‘Together First Initiative’. We identified ten key reforms our global system needs, notably a high-level champion for civil society within the UN. We will be working to achieve these reforms in the year ahead. Please contact us if you would like to get involved.

Please visit www.una.org.uk or contact us: info@una.org.uk

To find out more and to join our growing movement, visit www.una.org.uk

If you are interested in working with us, please contact us on:+44 20 7766 3454
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